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GoClementine's Authenticity Guarantee

  1. Authenticity and trust are the bread and butter of our business and industry—we would never risk our bread and butter.

  2. We offer a 7-day return policy: return your items within 7 days of receipt if you are not 100% happy—see return for details

  3. GoClementine does not purchase from individuals. We only work with the most trusted and professional buyers in the field of pre-owned luxury goods. All items purchased by our buyers are painstakingly authenticated before they are sent to us. These buyers are respected companies in the industry, and have decades of experience and reputation which are upheld by the highest level of vigilance.

  4. GoClementine’s in-house authentication is thoroughly done for every single item before listing. 

  5. We encourage all our customers to take their purchase to the respective brands' for authentication, we are confident in our items and want you to have nothing but 100% peace of mind.

  6. All messages are replied to within 24 business hours---please do not hesitate to contact us for details or additional images to determine authenticity for yourself!

100% Authenticity Guaranteed

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